Thursday, December 4, 2008


Our vacation in Denver, CO and our visit to the Art Festival in Cherry Creek in the summer 2007 made me curious about working with clay. We saw a demonstration and I found it absolutely fascinating to form and shape clay and work it with your hands. I've never had ceramics in High school, nor did I ever have the opportunity to visit a studio before I finally started taking classes at our local College this Spring 2008.

Although I wasn't impressed with any of my works in my first class, I worked without any pressure and ambitions. This class was not to produce cute things, but for me to get a feel for it, for the clay, what is possible, what holds, what doesn't. It was perfectly fine to mess up and make mistakes. I sucked it all up like a sponge and couldn't get enough. Everything was clay and pottery and ceramics. Everything still is.

But this blog is not just about my ceramics. It's also about what rocks my world and how it influences me and my work. Since I wasn't out to make pretty things from the start, you'll see me improving over time, getting better techniques and better results. I'm taking my very first steps in ceramics.

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