Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chili Bowls for Charity

Yesterday I started making Chili Bowls for our Ceramics Club's Charity event. I signed up for 10+ bowls - which seems like a small amount in comparison to others, who will make 100 or more! But it took me all of yesterday morning (9am - 1pm) to make 6 bowls. I tried to make them bold and bulky, but yet pretty enough to eat out of. I figured you need a "heavy" and rustic bowl for your [Vegetarian] Chili. Delicate porcelain bowls call more for Vegetable Soup, no?!

This morning I trimmed them, put slip on them (inside green, outside white) and decorated them. I will glaze them with transparent glaze all over.

My sexy green Chili Bowls:
(I love green! Even my bucket is green!)

Some decoration on the white slip:
(I only did one and stopped, because it didn't look sexy anymore!)

My favorite sexy green Chili Bowl:
(I might as well keep that one for my own vegetarian chili!)

White slip on the outside, and a nicely trimmed foot:

I used a metal pendant with a tree to "stamp" the bowls on all four sides:
(I will try to fill the tree with black slip or underglaze after bisque firing, for more detail)

My little Buddha face :)


  1. If I make more than 50, I'll make a special one for you :)

  2. A Real Melanie Art Piece would be great! I would be honored...OK 7 down 44 to go!